There is a hidden tennis game in Google right now; here’s how to find it – TechCrunch


Google loves a good Easter egg. Cute References Douglas Adams to the search results for “crooked” being just one liiiiiit a little crooked, there are all kinds of things lurking in the search engine if you know the right thing to type or the right buttons to press.

The latest addition – a fun little tennis game hidden in some search results pages – is in honor of the Wimbledon tennis tournament. With Wimbledon wrapping up this weekend, however, that egg might not be around for long.

It’s not too hard to find, but it’s just hidden enough that most people probably don’t stumble upon it accidentally.

Here’s how to find it:

  • See that purple box appearing? See the navigation bar that says “Single men”, “Single women”, etc. ? Grab it and slide it all the way to the left to scroll to the end.

tennis 2

  • At the very end is a small tennis ball icon. Tap on it and the game should start immediately.

tennis 3b

Once you’ve mounted it, it’s pretty much Pong minus the paddles. Move to serve, then try to get your player in front of the ball to rally it back and forth. I don’t know if it’s possible to have the ball pass the computer player – I did not see it happen. But just getting the ball back will get you a point. Once you miss a comeback, the game is over.

It will work on both mobile and desktop, but I found it much easier to play on the latter.


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