Snapchat announces Bitmoji tennis game for Wimbledon 2019


Snapchat photo messaging app launched its own gaming platform called Snap Games in April this year. Now, the company has rolled out the Bitmoji tennis game to Snap Games to celebrate Wimbledon 2019. The game can be found in personal chat or group chat.

As the name suggests, the newly launched game lets you play tennis with your friends on the app. Bitmojis are basically avatars that Snapchat users can create themselves. They can choose their clothes, skin color, hairstyle and more. In addition to this, the Bitmoji avatar can also be customized by the user whenever they want. With the new game, players’ Bitmojis will be able to play tennis.

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To access the game, just open the chat of the person with whom you want to play Bitmoji Tennis or a group chat if you want more than one participant. After that, they can tap the rocket icon to access games and then select Bitmoji Tennis.

In the game, you need to tap the screen to serve the ball and run left and right. As you get closer to the ball, the racquet swings automatically. To aim your shot, you can tilt your smartphone. The user can play the new game solo or challenge their friends to play a match or hit the courts with a group of friends.

Snapchat users can see their win count by tapping Stats on the main menu. User can also see their best streak, longest rally and more. You can also upgrade your Bitmoji’s tennis racket by displaying ads between games.

At the launch of its new game, Snapchat said in a statement, “All Snap games are designed for synchronous, high-fidelity mobile play with friends, built on the powerful PlayCanvas game engine. Launched last April, Snap Games offers a curated selection of first-party and third-party titles, such as Bitmoji Party and Zynga’s Tiny Royale. Bitmoji Tennis is Snap’s second original title after Bitmoji Party and was created in-house by Snap Games Studio.

As the game is new, it may not be available to everyone. You can check if you have it or not by clicking on the Rocket icon. If not, updating the app may get you the new game.

For those unaware, the photo-sharing app has launched Snap Games with six new titles that have rolled out globally. Bitmoji Party, Tiny Royale, Snake Squad, CATS Drift Race, Zombie Rescue Squad, and Alphabear Hustle are the games you can play with your friends on Snapchat. Apart from this, the app also allows its users to live chat with their friends while playing the games.

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