Google’s Wimbledon Themed Tennis Game is Classic 8-Bit Video Game


In honor of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, Google introduced a Wimbledon themed tennis game. The game hides under the “Find” feature, but takes little effort to find and play.

If you haven’t spotted the game yet, we’ll tell you how to find it and start playing. The game is quite reminiscent of the classic 8-bit video games you played as a kid.

Google’s Wimbledon Themed Tennis Game is Classic 8-Bit Video Game

Open your browser and search Google FR for “Wimbledon scores”.

Google's Wimbledon-themed tennis game

A purple box should appear on your computer screen. There you will see a graph showing the scores of different categories such as

  • simple gentlemen,
  • Singles Women
  • Men Doubles
  • Double Ladies
  • Mixed Doubles

At the very end you will see a small tennis ball. Tap the ball to play the game. Serve the ball and move using the left and right arrow keys on a PC keyboard. On the phone, you can tap right or left of the screen. Try to get your player in front of the ball to rally it back and forth. You score a point when you successfully return the ball. The level of difficulty increases as the game progresses.

If you miss a comeback, your game ends. So the high score challenge against unstoppable opposition continues until you fail to come back i.e. lose the game. My score was incredibly low – 7! If you exceed that score, please share it with us in the comments section below.

With Wimbledon wrapping up this weekend, the Easter Egg is likely not to be around for long, so get your hands on it today. A word of warning – if you play the game in the office, make sure your boss or coworker doesn’t know it!

Wimbledon tennis game


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